AutoWatch 573ppi Proximity Immobilizer

Protect your investment with the AutoWatch 573ppi Proximity Immobilizer. Call for pricing and to see if your insurance company covers the installation.

Do you need an immobilizer to comply with new Trandsport Canada Laws for new and imported vehicles as of September 1, 2007 or are being forced by your insurance agency to get one installed before you can register your vehicle?

Autowatch's 573 Immobilizer is one of few immobilizers in Canada to meet Transport Canada's CMVSS114 Regulation and is manufactured with a unique override code so you can always start your vehicle, even if your key fob is lost or stolen. These immobilizers can only be installed by certified technicians trained by Vehicle Security Installation Bureau of Canada, who must have clear police background checks in order to comply.

Autowatch is focused on stopping theft. Zero reported thefts and more than 30,000 certified Autowatch immobilizers are protecting vehicles across the country. Our insurance-approved immobilizers and installation protocols meet and exceed all requirements certified by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Manitoba Public Insurance and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.

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How the Autowatch 573 safeguards your vehicle

  • Without your personal transponder fob on your key ring, your vehicle cannot start.


  • Tested and approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and Underwriter's Laboratory of Canada under standard ULC-S338-98 —recognized among the highest standards worldwide.
  • Installed and registered by Vehicle Security Installation Bureau trained technicians as part of the ULC-S338-98 standard to ensure correct procedure and your peace of mind. This includes clear police background checks.
  • The only ULC-S338-98 standard approved immobilizer in Canada with a unique override code so you can always start your vehicle, even if your key transponder is lost or stolen.
  • Zero reported thefts with Autowatch immobilizers protecting more than 25,000 vehicles in Canada.
  • Hard for thieves to detect due to inconspicuous design and location.
  • Autowatch meets the highest international standards for vehicle immobilizers.
  • Three-year, unlimited mileage, manufacturer's warranty.
  • Technical support at (800) 646-3132.


  • Personal, always start, override code — see owner's manual and form enclosed.
  • Thirty-second automatic security arming and disarming.
  • Flashing status LED display tells you when it is armed.
  • Disables three vital circuits for maximum security.
  • Internationally patented, anti-tamper housing prevents thieves from bypassing the system.
  • Fail-safe circuitry design. System cannot arm while driving
  • Anti-theft, all-black wiring makes it difficult for thieves to locate or detect wires.
  • Key fob deletion from the system allows you to disable key fobs if stolen
  • Up to eight additional key fobs can be added to system for additional users.